Training Opportunity 

In conjunction with the WI-AFS annual meeting we will be offering an introductory course in Fish Health at the USFWS-Fish Health Center . This course is designed for hatchery staff, fisheries technicians, and biologist. If this course is of interest to you or your staff please visit our website. .

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Wisconsin Chapter American Fisheries Society

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was chartered on March 4, 1969 and held its first annual meeting in 1972. The prime impetus behind the formation of the Chapter was an ad hoc steering committee that included Bill Threinen, Lyle Christenson, Dan Coble and John Magnuson.

The Chapter has held an annual meeting each year since 1972, which facilitates the exchange of fisheries information among biologists and researchers from universities and state, federal, and tribal agencies throughout Wisconsin.

The mission of Chapters within the American Fisheries Society is to advance Society goals by coordinating member activities related to information exchange, outreach, and aquatic stewardship within their geographic region, including coordinating with appropriate local, provincial, and state-level government and non-government agencies and organizations. Chapters serve member needs in local and provincial/state areas and represent those needs to the Division leadership.

Within the American Fisheries Society there are four Divisions. The North Central Division consists of 14 chapters from the US and Canada, including the Wisconsin Chapter. Overall, 51 chapters comprise AFS and Wisconsin is one of the larger chapters with more than 300 active members. The Wisconsin Chapter currently recognizes 4 student subunits :

UW Stevens Point

Northland College

UW Green Bay

UW Stout


Elected officers of the American Fisheries Society - Wisconsin Chapter Governing Board, 1972 to present  
Term President Secretary / Treasurer UW-SP Subunit Northland College Subunit UW-GB Subunit UW-Stout Subunit 
Derek Ogle Lori Tate        

Dan Isermann Lori Tate Alex Catalano

Logan Sikora

Spencer Vander Bloemen

Greg Sass Ted Treska Taylor Beaman Logan Sikora Jeremiah Shrovnal Jeremy Eckert
Mike Seider Ted Treska   Katie Windschitl 
 2014 Tammie Paoli Justine Hasz Aaron Schiller 
Katie Windschitl 
Amy Cottrell 
 Amanda Smith
 2013 Greg Seegert Justine Hasz Zachary Beard Dalton Lebeda Dave Lawrence  
 2012 Susan Beyler Justine Hasz Aaron Funseth Kevin Grand Dave Lawrence  
 2011 Ted Treska Justine Hasz Jordan Brillowski Scott Braden    
 2010 Brad Eggold Justine Hasz Bryan Rehwinkle Laura Schmidt    
 2009 Glenn Miller Ted Treska Hilary Meyer Laura Schmidt    
 2008 John Kubisiak Ted Treska Scott Vulstek  Katie Renschen    
 2007 Tom Slawski Vacant Joseph Gerbyshak Joe Schenk    
 2006 Justine Hasz Patrick Schmalz Joseph Gerbyshak Melissa Kjelvik    
 2005 Joe Hennessy Patrick Schmalz Mike Kosinski Rebecca Schoon    
 2004 Kurt Welke Justine Hasz Josh Schloesser Lindsey Lesmeister    
 2003 Phil Moy Justine Hasz Garret Drach      
 2002 Steve Gilbert Jean Unmuth Mike Habrat      
 2001 Dave Lonzarich Jean Unmuth Ryan Beatty      
 2000 Lee Meyers Dave Lonzarich Trevor Roark      
 1999 Mike Hansen Dave Lonzarich Mike Seider      
 1998 Don Fago Dave Lonzarich Matt Ward      
 1997 Tim Ehlinger Dave Lonzarich Michael Siefkes      
 1996 John Nelson Steve Hewett Patrick Schmalz      
 1995 Dick Frie/John N. Steve Hewett        
 1994 George Boronow Steve Hewett        
 1993 Cliff Kraft Steve Hewett        
 1992 Larry Claggett George Boronow        
 1991 Hannibal Bolton George Boronow        
 1990 Mike Hoff George Boronow        
 1989 John Kennedy George Boronow        
 1988 Al Hauber Tom Busiahn        
 1987 Carroll Norden Tom Busiahn        
 1986 Max Johnson Jim Wiener        
 1985 Steve Yeo Jim Wiener        
 1984 Tom Thuemler Mike Dombeck        
 1983 Bill Swenson Mike Talbot        
 1982 Jack Heaton Mike Talbot        
 1981 Frank Pratt Victor Cvancara        
 1980 Tom Beard Victor Cvancara        
 1979 Leif Marking Victor Cvancara        
 1978 Willard Gross Victor Cvancara        
 1977 Ron Poff Henry Booke        
 1976 Charles Wahtola Henry Booke        
 1975 Fred Copes Gordon Priegel        
 1974 John Magnuson Gordon Priegel        
 1973 Robert Hunt Roy Stein        
 1972 Dan Coble Roy Stein        
 1971 Bill Threinen